Science Forum Covid-19 is the group of researchers and doctors that the media chose to call "the 22" when we in April reacted to Sweden's strategy in the fight against covid-19. Today we are many more and together we spread science-based knowledge about the major issues and challenges that the ongoing pandemic has posed to the world and our country.

Our mission is to save lives and prevent all forms of suffering in the Covid-19 pandemic. We aim to provide an unbiased assessment of the ongoing scientific discussion to find the best path to handle the pandemic through scientifically informed and ethical decisions. The overall goal is to minimize the impact of Covid-19.

Science Forum Covid-19 stöder John Snow Memorandum till förmån för genomförandet av effektiva åtgärder för att undertrycka och kontrollera smittspridningen av Covid-19. Om du är läkare, forskare, modellerare, vårdpersonal eller folkhälsovårdspersonal – anslut dig till oss ​​och underteckna här: https://www.johnsnowmemo.com/

On October 8, Anders Vahlne participated in a webinar ”Covid-19 lessons. A critical perspective of what is going on in Sweden” arranged by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco-Silicon Valley. You can now see the full webinar in the video below.
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Vad händer om Vetenskapsforum covid-19 får ta över Folkhälsomyndigheten och hantera strategin för Sverige – vad skulle vi då göra? Här har du vårt veckoprogram som vi kallar för ”Söndagssoffan”. Lyssna på diskussionen med våra medlemmar Stefan Einhorn, Jan Lötvall, Nele Brusselaers och Anders Vahlne.
Join us for this week’s English Sunday Sofa to discuss the devastating effects of the Swedish government’s pursuit of herd immunity, including how they have employed children to spread Covid 19. We discuss Public Health Agency internal emails obtained through freedom of information laws and also debunk the latest claims Anders Tegnell made on August 26 to the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco. Join us for a thorough fact check! Joining us are the following members of Science Forum Covid-19: Jens Sörensen, Nele Brusselears, Andrew Ewing and guest Kelly Bjorklund.
On August 31, 2020, the Swedish Public Health Agency published a list of 37 studies on the effects of face masks. It is a credible list, and only the order of the presented studies is a little misleading. The list begins with four articles that provide relatively weak support for the benefits of face masks against the spread of Covid-19, and is then followed by more than thirty articles that provide relatively strong support for the positive effects of face masks. In the Public Health Agency list, an exact quotation from each study is here attached, in yellow, where the study's conclusion is stated.
A WEB ARTICLE: In english. This article supplements and expands on the article in Dagens Nyheter 2020/10/01. Sweden’s FHM and the press were stating most of the summer and into early September that our case numbers were going down and were lower than many other countries in Europe. But tests are too easily manipulated and can therefore be highly suspect. Read it here.
After 30 September, the ban on visiting the country's nursing homes will end. This is welcome in many ways, as contact with loved ones is important for maintaining mental, and by extension physical, health. The six-month visit ban has been stressful for both the residents and their relatives. Due to the fact that the mortality rate in Covid-19 has been high when those affected were over 80 years old, we consider it necessary to emphasize the importance of taking a couple of precautionary measures. It is highly desirable to minimize the risk of a recurrence of what happened last spring. And even if the spread of infection in society right now is significantly lower than it was then, there is a risk that it will pick up speed when social distancing decreases, during late autumn and winter. With these relatively simple measures, the risk of infecting loved ones will be minimal.
With these relatively simple measures, the risk of infecting loved ones will be minimal.
These general advice complement the general tips you can find at Folkhälsomyndigheten.se.
Scientific evidence and studies showing the importance of pre- and asymptomatic transmission.
On this page you will find a list of studies, either scientific studies or government reports on children, schools and the spread of infection. There are now studies that show that children between the ages of 10 and 17 are as contagious as adults, and even younger children, although they may possibly be so to a somewhat lesser degree.there are now studies showing that children between the ages of 10 and 17 are as contagious as adults; even younger children can be contagious, although it might be to a somewhat lesser degree.
There are many questions about mouth protection and face mask in connection with covid-19. Here we try to answer the questions and find out why we in Vetenskapsforum covid-19 recommend the use of mouth guards.
Today, there are over 70 studies that, in an overall assessment, provide convincing scientific support for the use of mouth guards to reduce the spread of society. Here we address some of the most essential.