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The Swedish COVID-19 Response Is a Disaster.
It Shouldn’t Be a Model for the Rest of the World.

Sweden’s experiment with herd immunity is unethical and undemocratic — and reveals an underlying political pathology
Sweden’s strategy of pursuing herd immunity by infection is morally unacceptable in democratic societies, which have an obligation to uphold the equal value of all citizens.

Sweden hoped herd immunity would curb COVID-19.
Don’t do what we did. It’s not working.
25 Swedish doctors and scientists.

How The Mitigation Strategy Tempted Northern Europe And Convinced Only Sweden.

"Swedish corona statistics give a skewed picture of the spread of infection"
Sweden has significantly increased its test capacity for the coronavirus. But the Swedish reporting makes it difficult to compare Sweden with other countries, the authors of the article write.

Scientists: Make mouth protection mandatory and consider quick tests
With some relatively simple measures, the risk of infecting loved ones can be minimal even after the restraining order on the country's nursing homes is removed, four scientists write.

”Concern about the corona virus before the start of school this autumn is justified”

“Lena Einhorn: In other countries, cultural life reopens, but nothing happens in Sweden.”
In our neighboring countries, infection is not allowed to rule. They control it. Therefore, they can both have concerts and theater for larger congregations than 50 people, writes author Lena Einhorn.

"To passively wait for new spread of infection is wrong."
The scenarios that the government and the Swedish Public Health Agency expect before the autumn mean passively waiting for a new spread of infection. Instead, there is every opportunity to act in advance to reduce the spread of infection, Nele Brusselaers with several debaters writes.

“Masks in 170 countries - why not in Sweden?”
Concluding remarks from doctors and researchers: Public Health Agency must change their mind.–varfor-inte-i-sverige

“Incomprehensible element in the fight against the pandemic.”.
27 doctors and researchers: How long will our elderly be forced to isolate?

“The unethical experiments of herd immunization.”.
Methodically seeking herd immunity is unethical, risky and unacceptable. In addition, it puts the principle of equal value for all out of play and violates several human rights, writes Sigurd Bergmann.

“What is the Swedish Public Health Agency really looking for?”
What is the Swedish Public Health Agency really looking for? The question becomes increasingly important as the number of infected and dead grows, while the strategy remains the same, 23 researchers write.

"Masks in crowded places can save many lives"
The Public Health Authority should recommend the public to use oral protection against the coronavirus. Research shows that Covid-19 is an airborne infection and therefore mouth protection in crowded places can save many lives, writes Jan Lötvall, chief physician and professor of clinical allergology.

“Limiting the number of deaths is your job, Tegnell.”.
Is there anything more important during a pandemic than to keep people alive? And how can a strategy that doesn’t live up to that be said to work very well?
When Anders Tegnell dismisses our proposals as not "sensible" and not "feasible", he also rejects the efforts that Norway, Denmark and Finland have carried out in a successful way, write 23 researchers and doctors.

"Sweden must change strategy to fight the virus."

"Publish all documents behind the decisions."

5,000 dead can no longer be explained away
“Dismantling our trust in society is fast, Tegnell.” Writes Stefan Einhorn.

“Why do you refuse to introduce masks, Tegnell?”
There is support in research that oral protection works, write 23 doctors and researchers.

26 scientists: "Relatives must be quarantined"
Since you’are often contagious one to two days before you get symptoms, a crucial way to effectively break the chains of infection is to quarantine close contacts to covid-19-patients, write 26 researchers and doctors.

“We can still change the strategy - save lives and avoid isolation.”.
The high death toll in Sweden remains at a level of around 55 deaths per day. In Norway, 1 person has died in the last week. Sweden's high death toll therefore risks deteriorating the image of Sweden and isolating us. But we can still take control of the spread of infection through greatly expanded testing and contact tracing, write 19 researchers and doctors.

“Lena Einhorn: How Sweden lashed itself to the mast in handling the pandemic.”.
– – –

"Replace the management of the Public Health Agency"
The government should replace the management of the Public Health Agency to avoid a new wave of covid-19 deaths this autumn. Swedish must apply the strategy used in other countries, says Sigurd Bergmann, professor emeritus of religious studies.

“You have to change your life!”
Our Common Post-Corona Future through a Swedish Lens.

“We must not be blunted by Sweden's high death toll - We must act.”.
We cannot accept Sweden's high death toll as something inevitable. In our neighboring countries, the infection is under control and and they have started to open the societies without any dramatic increase in infected or dead. We can still establish a similar system with testing and contact tracing systems - and save many lives, write Stefan Hanson, infection doctor and Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér doctor and professor of Medical microbial pathogenesis write.

"Herd immunity is a dangerous and unrealistic corona strategy."
Herd immunity may possibly work on chickenpox, where one in sixty thousand infected dies. It works less well on a disease where maybe one in a hundred dies, write 22 researchers and doctors.

"Use masks in public places and in elderly care"
WHO no longer excludes aerosol contamination. This is one of the reasons why the obligation to protect your mouth during public activities is now being introduced in more and more countries, most recently Germany, write 6 researchers and doctors.

“I accuse you of suppressing the corona debate.”.
Chief physician Anders Jansson, one of the 22 debaters in DN: You risk people's lives.

“Why does the Swedish Public Health Agency continue to do the wrong thing?”
In light of what seems like an awakening that the Public Health Agency can not only be wrong - but has often been wrong since the covid-19 pandemic began - the next question is whether they just have repeated bad luck or if something in their method is the explanation, writes Marcus Carlsson.

"Still more dead in Sweden than in the neighboring states."

"Nothing misleading at all about the dissemination figures"
Our article "Do not ignore the models of the best researchers" (SvD april 13th) has aroused debate, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve. We would like to respond here to the criticism expressed in the two remarks published in this newspaper, write 6 researchers and doctors.

"Force the Authority to present the calculations."
Stefan Hanson writes.

“The Public Health Agency plays Russian Roulette with risk groups.”.
The government and the Public Health Agency play Russian Roulette with the risk groups by not requiring all home care staff and those who work in nursing homes to wear masks and by not testing all staff, writes Jens Sörensen.

“Change strategy now and save the rest of the country.”
Sweden has far more deaths than both Norway and Finland, both of which have had different strategies to fight the virus - stricter restrictions and extensive testing. Sweden can still change track and save the parts of the country that hasn’t been hit hard yet, writes Stefan Hanson.

“Medicine for Covid-19 is not far away.”.
Concluding remarks from Stefan Einhorn on the strategy against the coronavirus.

"The Public Health Agency has failed - politicians must intervene."
On at least four occasions, the Swedish Public Health Agency has claimed that the spread of infection has leveled off or will decrease. It has not, write 22 doctors and scientists.

"Do not ignore the models of the best researchers."
The Public Health Agency ignores advanced modeling around the coronavirus, as they are considered unsafe. Of course, models aren’t infallible, but good models take into account the uncertainties, a group of 5 researchers write.

"Introduce strict rules for 3-4 weeks to save lives."
Stefan Hanson writes.

“Sweden is making big mistakes in the fight against corona.”.
Stefan Einhorn: The experts lock themselves on one track, despite new facts.

“Lena Einhorn: How could we let the infection into Stockholm's nursing homes?”

"Use mouth guards in public environments and in elderly care."

“When will the Public Health Agency take asymptomatic transmission seriously?”
The WHO's new article is dramatic - and changes everything. We need to change our approach to this deadly epidemic, which has already taken hold of large proportion of nursing homes in the big cities. When working with old people, protective equipment must be used, writes virologist Lena Einhorn.

"Shut down Sweden before it’s too late."
Stefan Hanson writes.

“What facts does the Swedish Public Health Agency base its risky strategy on?”
The cornerstone of a democracy is to provide the best possible protection to its people. The precautionary principle should prevail, so as not to expose the country's inhabitants to unnecessary risk. I do not believe that the Swedish Public Health Agency acts according to these principles, writes Cecilia Söderberg Nauclér, professor at KI.

“Home care - a death trap for the elderly.”
All home care staff must wear protective equipment, writes Lena Einhorn.–en-dodsfalla-for-aldre

"We need to know why Sweden doesn’t test more people."
Stefan Hanson writes.

“Not all seniors can stand the loneliness.”
The debaters: This is what we need to do to help the isolated seniors.

“Swedish virologist: We are heading for a disaster.”.
Professor at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm fears that the relaxed Swedish attitude towards the coronavirus will lead to an explosive degree of infection that can destroy society.

“Four actions that can stop Corona in May.”.
We must find a way back to a functioning society, and it must go fast. We propose several measures to take Sweden out of the corona crisis as early as May: Close schools, mass-test people, scan all workplaces for fever and keep a physical distance. The use of masks should also be introduced, professors Jan Lötvall and Bo Lundbäck write.

“Learn from South Korea and listen to WHO - test more for Corona.”.
Sweden must resume testing and infection tracing on a broad front in order to be able to identify risk areas and concentrate resources, write Jens Stilhoff Sörensen and Leif Eriksson at the University of Gothenburg.

“Corona can be contagious even without symptoms.”.
Lena Einhorn: The advice "stay home if you feel sick" is not enough.

"The Swedish Public Health Agency must present data and models."
We want the Swedish Public Health Agency to provide necessary and updated information as soon as possible and continuously, write 14 debators.

"Löfven must change strategy to save lives."
The Public Health Agency's advice to stop the spread of the new corona virus covid-19 deviates from the World Health Organization's WHO recommendations. Now Sweden must make a complete U-turn to prevent a catastrophic development similar to Italy, writes Stefan Hanson and Claudia Hanson.

"Use the scientists - appoint a council of experts."
In Sweden, there is a great deal of academic expertise in medicine, modeling, epidemiology and other relevant areas. This resource is at the disposal of society and should be used, several scientists write.–tillsatt-ett-expertrad

“Not all seniors can stand the loneliness.”
The debaters: This is what we need to do to help the isolated seniors.

"The Public Health Agency cannot be trusted."
Stefan Hanson and Claudia Hanson write.

“The Swedish strategy to allow the Corona virus to spread is cynical.”.
This weekend, the strategy of trying to achieve herd immunity among Swedes to reduce the harmful effects of the Corona virus has been debated. If this is the Public Health Agency's ambition, it is extremely cynical, writes Anders Vahlne with other debaters.

"More actions are needed to slow the spread of infection."
The measures that the government and the Swedish Public Health Agency have taken to slow the spread of the infection are not enough. Meetings should be further restricted and closing schools is probably necessary, several experts write.

"Follow South Korea and show where the infected are."
Only increased transparency can restore confidence in the Swedish Public Health Agency's handling of the new corona infection. Follow South Korea and show in an app where the infected are, write Stefan Hanson and Claudia Hanson.

"The virus exposes weaknesses in Sweden."
Sweden must re-establish a functioning crisis management and coordination between authorities. Accountability for politicians and civil servants also needs to be restored, writes Jens Stilhoff Sörensen.

"The Public Health Agency takes unnecessary risks."
The Swedish healthcare system acts as if the symptoms of covid-19 always debut outside working hours. What happens when someone instead gets symptoms during the working day? That question is asked by chief physician Anders Jansson.

“Sweden has seriously misjudged the risks of the new Corona virus.”.
It is outrageous how awkwardly the authorities have handled the threat from the Corona infection. The situation will worsen with a sharp increase in the number of infected in the coming time. Now we must find concrete measures. Chloroquine is a promising drug that should be given especially to the elderly, write Prof. Thomas Hedner and Olle Isaksson.

“Dangerous advice to healthcare and society about risks with the coronavirus.”
I question the Public Health Agency's advice that people who have returned directly from extreme high-risk areas such as Iran or northern Italy should return directly to work and other normal activities. Especially if they work with people who are at high risk of dying from a possible infection, writes Anders Jansson , chief physician, responsible for cardiac MRI and spirometry at Danderyd Hospital.

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