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SUNDAY SOFA 2020-10-18: Staff not beeing allowed to wear face masks, the precautionary principle, Prime Minister making statements about thousands of deaths, the silent swede, “Jantelagen” and much more… Take open reflections with Science Forum Covid-19:s Nele Brusselaers, Manuel Felices and Sigurd Bergmann. To support our work you can become a member: And you can donate to us:
SUNDAY SOFA 2020-10-11: Looking beyond our borders – the case of germany: In this sunday sofa we take a deeper look at how Germany have handled – and are handling – the ongoing pandemic. And in doing so, we shine the light on our own country. Join in the discussion with Science Forum Covid-19:s Claudia Hanson, Jana Bergholtz and Jens Sörensen.
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2020-10-07: The text below is copied from the SACC:s official webinar page:
After a high demand for the SACC-SF/SV webinar on the Swedish corona strategy in August, we got requests about hosting a follow up webinar with a more critical standpoint. Therefore, we are pleased to present Professor Emeritus Anders Vahlne who will join us in a critical discussion of the Swedish strategy.
In April, a group of about 40 scientists and doctors in Sweden reacted when their government chose a path where they recommended the population themselves take responsibility for reducing the spread of the corona virus. They felt this was not a viable approach as the death toll in Sweden rose, which did not happen in the other Nordic countries.
Today they are the ”Science Forum Covid-19” and their mission is to save lives and prevent suffering in the Covid-19 pandemic. The Forum’s aim is to provide a non-political, unbiased assessment of the ongoing scientific discussion to find the best path to handle the pandemic through informed and ethical decisions, and reduce the impact of Covid-19.
Scenario – we take charge of the pandemic… This time we are trying on a scenario – what if we were allowed to run the Public Health Angency of Sweden (FHM) and handle the strategy for Sweden – what would we do? Come join in the discussion with Stefan Einhorn, Jan Lötvall, Nele Brusselaers and Anders Vahlne. Remember that you can support our work here ( ) and with our Swish number: 123 656 8406.
“You should be protected!”: This clip is an excerpt from the full SUNDAY SOFA (from 2020-08-30) for 2 hours – watch it here: Joining us are: Jens Sörensen, Nele Brusselears, Andrew Ewing and guest Kelly Bjorklund.
Employing children to reach herd immunity (excerpt): This clip is an excerpt from the full SUNDAY SOFA (from 2020-08-30) for 2 hours – watch it here: Joining us are: Jens Sörensen, Nele Brusselears, Andrew Ewing and guest Kelly Bjorklund.
SUNDAY SOFA 2020-08-30: Join us for this week’s English Sunday Sofa to discuss the devastating effects of the Swedish government’s pursuit of herd immunity, including how they have employed children to spread Covid 19. We discuss Public Health Agency internal emails obtained through freedom of information laws and also debunk the latest claims Anders Tegnell made on August 26 to the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco. Join us for a thorough fact check! Joining us are: Jens Sörensen, Nele Brusselears, Andrew Ewing and guest Kelly Bjorklund.
The risk groups – how are they doing? What are the risk groups for covid-19 and what is Sweden doing to protect them? We look at the differences between the UK and Sweden. Is it all really just about money? Short clip with Jana Bergholtz from Söndagssoffan 2020-08-23.
#wearamask challenge
Andrew Ewing and facemasks pt 2: Why is not wearing a mask like drunk driving? We hurt others by doing and the hurt can be death!
Andrew Ewing and facemasks pt1: The arguments about masks seem similar to those used against wearing seat belts about 60 years ago. About 200 studies, both scientific and of countries where they have been made mandatory, overwhelmingly show that masks work to stem COVID-19. With a second wave predicted, this could be be critically important. Important here are scientific studies that show that masks protect us some, but with high level of asymptomatic and presymtomatic transmission and, this at least in part via small aerosol droplets in the air, the important thing is if we all wear them, they protect each other very effectively! Combined with hand washing, this is a very powerful way to stop this disease. If we all wear masks, we can all stay healthy! Om vi alla bär munskydd, kan vi alla må bra! Together we can slow stop the spread! Tillsammans kan vi bromsa stoppa smittspridningen!
And, if you are symptomatic, how can coughing into your elbow be better than a mask? Thanks to my USA family for the idea to compare to seatbelts. Thanks to Julie Rowlett for the breathing figure. And, thanks to my daughter Selma for helping to make this, my first video.
2020-07-28 / SUNDAY SOFA: This sunday sofa is ALL IN ENGLISH – with Andy Ewing, Carina King, Anders Jansson and Claudia Hanson. Is science “a gut feeling” or evidence based? What do we know about facemasks and how about autumn and sending our kids to schools?
2020-07-28: Patricia Greenhalgh is a British professor of primary care and specialist in public health. Listen to her talking to Jan Lötvall from Vetenskapsforum covid-19 about why face masks have become such a loaded question in the Western world. Together, they sort out what the research has actually been able to show, what happens to our identity when we cover our faces and why the whole issue has been politicized. In English.
2020-06-18: Yaneer Bar-Yam is an American professor and expert in complex systems. In this episode, Yaneer talks to Jan Lötvall from Science Forum Covid-19 about Sweden’s strategy, the leaders’ pursuit of herd immunity, about how the Western world’s pharmaceutical industry should be ashamed today and why it is time for the Swedish people to stand up against their government.
2020-05-16: John Ashton – public health expert from the UK – tells Jan Lötvall about how Covid-19 caused chaos in his home country. He is openly very critical of how his own government has handled the pandemic and he can see parallels with Sweden. In English.
2020-05-01: How to think as a parent in a risk group? Can children be infected or not? And how much do the scientists really know about this disease? Marcus Carlsson is an associate professor of mathematics and he talks to Claudia Hanson, who is an associate professor of epidemiology and a health systems researcher at the Karolinska Institute.
English with Swedish Subtitles.