We finance all our work with the help of donations and membership fees and your contribution is valuable to us. Our vision is that the ongoing pandemic in our country should be handled so that the Swedish people can live their lives with minimal risk of being infected and concern of falling ill with covid-19.

If you have an iPhone, sometimes the Swish app does not open automatically. Then do this: Fill in all information, click on Swish and enter your mobile number in the box. Then open the Swish app in your phone, and the payment is there, ready to be approved. 
If it still won't work on your iPhone, here is our Swish number: 123 656 8406.

Bank transfer: 5518-0228
Iban-number: SE1650000000053291065689
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Your membership fee each year includes:

  • Recurring digital member meetings with question time.
  • Access to live webinar - free of charge.
  • Our newsletter.

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