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At the moment, we are in the middle of a pandemic. 

Although the situation is a little calmer now than last spring, the pandemic is unfortunately not over. In parts of Europe, the pandemic has returned now after the summer with force, such as in Spain and the UK. And to be honest, we know very little about how this pandemic will change our lives and our existence in the long run. We now know that there are long-term effects in some who have been ill with covid-19 even in people who have had a very mild infection. The elderly and people in risk groups do not dare to relax. 
But there is hope.
With each passing day, science is making new progress. There are daily reports of new discoveries. All over the world, experts are busy winning the battle against this virus. 
We in Science forum covid-19 participate in that fight and we hope that you also want to be with us - together against covid-19.
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